Andreas Böhlen Band

A quartet of saxophone, guitar, bass and drums. Young, highly energetic and innovative modern-jazz band.

An innovative modern-jazz band based in Germany and Switzerland. Stunning interplay and blind telepathic communication even in the most challenging parts of the compositions are only the starting point for a mesmerising night of artistic and musical creation gig after gig. A way of creating musical emotions at will has inspired a prolific compositional output from the band leader, Andreas Böhlen. His sharp ears and intelligent musical mind give him a clear vision of his music and how to utilise the specific skills of the band members to make the music speak. It is fascinating to hear how Böhlen lets his fine taste of melodies and subtle sense for form, often unconsciously inspired by his rich background of renaissance and baroque music, steer his musical impetus when playing jazz.

Exercising his forever flexible musical skills, his pieces explore the boundaries of jazz language by using unconventional musical parameters such as harmonies, melodies and forms, while portraying states of being, human emotions and virtual realities, in sum the reason why music is so effective and powerful and why music relates so strongly to us. Böhlen’s works can range from an almost classically conceptualised form involving complex musical material, to a musically free form with only a few pre-assumed parameters. The band turns both sorts of compositions into very clear and amazingly shaped musical entities.

The compositions are written specifically for the four members that make up the Andreas Böhlen band. The conventional roles of the instruments are sometimes changed, and the fantastic skills of the four flexible musicians come to shine. They bring an individual groove and mood to each piece, with a palette ranging from fast, powerful, fiery swing to grooving avant-garde straight rhythms to melancholic ballads. The band members are all acclaimed, having received many different prizes and scholarships.