Theatrum Affectuum

Founded in 2003, Theatrum Affectuum specialises in music from 17th and 18th century Italy, England and Germany.

Using the combination of recorder, one or two violins, cello and harpsichord, the ensemble has an individual, energetic and insightful approach to interpret the contrasting affects found in baroque music. Press reviews have described the ensemble’s interpretations as both profound and witty.

Also the incorporation of the extensive improvisations in different styles from the baroque is one of the group’s prominent features. The group has toured regularly in Europe over the last six years, allowing them to develop a distinct way of performing. The members of Theatrum Affectuum are regularly performing with leading European baroque and classical groups, such as Accademia Bizantina and Il Giardino Armonico. Under the name of Ricreation d’Arcadia several group members won the 1st prize and the audience prize in the acclaimed Rovereto early music competition in 2004.

After the group’s first CD “La meraviglia parlante” (released in 2007), the second album “Most ravishing things” was released in 2015 on AEOLUS. The CD can be purchased here. For audio examples click here.

Theatrum Affectuum is currently based in Milan, Italy, and Basel, Switzerland.

Theatrum Affectuum is represented by Aulos Music Management.

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